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Personnel Recruitment, through:

  • Direct search of candidates (HEAD HUNTER).
  • Mancera Consultores private contacts.
  • Massive means of communication.

Personnel Selection.

  • Locating and updating of candidates.
  • Preselection interviews.
  • Selection interviews (offering up to three candidates fully qualified for you to choose).


The levels that we offer to cover your personnel requirements are:

  • Direction.
  • General Management.
  • Department Management.
  • Intermediate management (Chiefs and Supervisors).
  • Administrative personnel (professional and non-professional)
  • Technical personnel (professional and non-professional).

We have an updated Portafolio, of 10,000 candidates, on specialized areas such as Automotive y, Aerospace, Electronics, Pharma, and metal mechanic industries.


The Full Selection Service of Candidates, consists of:

1. Presentation of 3 fully qualified candidates for your selection.
2. A human Side has been applied to each and every candidate running for the post.
3. Working history research of the candidate chosen by you.
4. Replacement Guarantee, without additional cost, if the chosen candidate withdraws from your company in a period of one year, since the first day he presented his service at the company.

Cost of the "Full Selection Service"

The cost of our service for personnel recruiting and selection for the Administrative, Operational and Supervisory levels, is one month of the nominal integrated salary of the selected candidate.
In the case of hiring, selection and/or search of Directors, General Managers and Department Managers, the cost will be forty five days of integrated salary, which to be paid off eight days after hiring the chosen candidate.
(The integrated salary includes, Christmas Bonus, help in grocery vouchers and savings fund).



  • For Head Hunting Service (if needed). A fee of 30% should be pay from the monthly integrated salary.
  • Once you have approved our quotation, we expect that your company will wait two weeks, so that we have time to carry out our work, before it requests the services of another human resources consulting agent, so as to avoid duplicating efforts.
  • When the selection process is concluded, the reports on the candidates not chosen should be sent back to Mancera Consultores. If any of such candidates - introduced by our company- is hired in a year term, the corresponding commission should be paid to Mancera Consultores.
  • Without any exception you can't supply a different area post with a guarantee replacement . If the Company needed another vacant outside the guarantee period MANCERA CONSULTORES would take this vacant as a new one and would charge the cost of the recruitment process depending on the post.

MANCERA CONSULTORES has exclusive rights over the replacement guarantee.