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Human Resources Consulting

Mancera Consultores is a consulting firm with more than 12 years experience working with more than 50 companies established in Mexico.

Mancera Consultores has over 10,000 portfolio of specialized personnel, We assure the quickest and most effective process to select the adequate candidates for any of the posts that you want to fill.

Also we guarantee the stability of the selected candidate by immediate replacement without additional cost.

We assure the most competitive cost for a full service consultation.

Mancera Consultores is innovating the Consulting Service by offering Human Resources excellence.

  • Total commitment to the synergy of its customers.
  • Capture of the top in Human Resources.
  • Promoting of Quality in Services culture.

Main Services:

  • Recruitment and Personnel Selection.
  • Pay roll Administration.
  • Mental Capabilty and Personality Test.
  • Performance Evaluation Systems.
  • Working History.
  • Job Description.


  • Optimization of time and cost.
  • Safety and Reliability.
  • Quality guarantee.